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Scrub Tops

Scrub Tops

Finding better when it comes to your medical work wear often means changing or choosing better when deciding on what scrub tops to purchase and utilize in your career or job. There are numerous choices allowing you to get more for less, and Uniform Connection is just one company that can promote your professionalism and comfort all at the same time. Whether you are looking for versatility, durability, or cost effectiveness, you will discover a world where you get all you want and so much more.

There are numerous choices allowing you to get those perfect scrub tops. Whether you are looking for specialty designs, solids, prints, or even cuts, you will find what you are looking for at UC.

Solid scrub tops are always popular. These amazing colors are simplistic with a flare for the extravagance. So much can be said by solid scrub tops that also have a layered look thanks to two or more color combinations. Many people realize that colors can say a lot. You can choose traditional colors, or you can choose neon colors. Basically, you will find a rainbow of colors for your needs. In addition, you can find combination colors that will pop out allowing you the recognition you deserve in the workplace environment.

Stylish print scrub tops give you a world of choices where anything is possible. You can have cartoon scrubs, holiday scrubs, seasonal scrubs, team scrubs, animal scrubs, and more. You get to choose what suits your fancy. Whether you choose someone normal or something special, you get the designs and styles you need for your life that allow you to tackle the workplace experience on your terms wearing garments that fit your personality.

Another feature of scrub tops is the cut. Princess cuts, empire cuts, and even mock wrap cuts allow you to take your professional medical work wear to a whole new level. You will achieve the look and feel you want without ever leaving your home. Shop on the internet from the comfort of your own home while exploring the exceptionally popular cuts modern scrub tops have brought to your life. These come in styles and fashions popular today by the serious professional.

Of course, you should consider length as well. Often understated, the importance of length cannot be denied. Some people have a longer torso than others. As such, scrub tops will fit different people differently. If you have scrub tops that are too long, you may not look as professional as you prefer. You do get the options allowing you to choose the best for your life from day one.

Customization and personalization of scrub tops is extremely popular these days too. Once upon a time, customization and personalization were expensive. Today, getting custom or personal scrub tops is so easy that you can do it without the need for a professional designer.

Uniform Connection offers you the chance to get the best in work wear for your needs. You do have options, and when you have all those options at your fingertips, you make an informed decision without the high pressured salespeople you would expect from a large company.


The Uniform Connection offers a full line of uniforms. Our uniforms include scrubs, work apparel, school uniforms, corporate apparel, flame resistant apparel, food service apparel, sports apparel, law enforcement uniforms, security uniformsouterwear, medical equipment, safety equipment, shoes for medical professionals, work boots. Looking for a custom quote on embroidered apparel, silk screening, or need embroidered name tags, custom patches, or need to set up a uniform program, then give us a call at 1-877-786-6311. Want to design your own apparel online, then, please use our free online apparel designer or see examples to design your own apparel. We can also provide your organization with promotional products. Our home office is located in Houston, Texas with warehouses located throughout the United States that enable us to service all 50 states including Memphis, Tennessee, Baltimore, Maryland, Irving, Texas, Amarillo, TX, Brownsville, Texas, Grand Prairie, TX, Pasadena, Texas, Fort Worth, Texas., El Paso, Texas., Charlotte, N.C, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Seattle, Washington, Boston, Massachusetts, Denver, Colorado, Louisville, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia.


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  • Below is a list of articles with the most recent ones listed first.
    It is time to dress up in scrub tops and pants
    Are you tired of the old fashion? It seems that you are searching for something new to fill your wardrobe. Jeans, cotton, linen, etc have become too common as materials used in preparing shirts and pants. No wonder that cotton happens to be the best ...
    Published: Tuesday 06 January, 2009
    Sporting Your Mind With Your Stylish Nurse Scrub Tops!
    Working in the medical field includes the responsibility of sporting a professional and smart aura. It is imperative to set a good impression to your patients. You must be well aware of this fact and this is the same reason why the traditional medica...
    Published: Saturday 28 June, 2008
    Customizing Your Nurse Tops
    You will definitely agree that the clothes you wear at work define what you are. How about those who have uniforms? Does that mean that they do not have their own personality? Even if employees come in uniform there is still a distinct character that...
    Published: Saturday 28 June, 2008
    Taking Advantage of Nurse Scrub Tops That Are Easy On The Pocket
    Are you tired of wearing your traditional nurse uniform that needs a lot of ironing and bleaching? Are you having a hard time performing your tasks because you working clothes are not comfortable? Have you always wanted to purchase nurse scrub tops b...
    Published: Saturday 28 June, 2008
    Knowing more about your plus size scrub tops!
    In the past, choosing scrub tops are easy for medical attendants who have regular clothing sizes but for those who needs plus size scrub tops, it takes a lot of time and effort for one to find the right fit. To a greater extent scrubs manufacturer an...
    Published: Saturday 28 June, 2008
    Pink Scrub Top Ė Being on Top of the Fashion
    Pink scrub tops are hot and itís one great way in adding a fun touch and feminine look as compared to other boring medical scrubs. Before buying a pink scrub top, consider what shade of pink will look good on you. Today, pink scrub tops come in large...
    Published: Thursday 26 June, 2008
    Peaches Scrub Tops Ė Creating Difference in Uniforms
    Peaches Uniform is one of the most popular and leading makers of uniforms for medical professionals and nursing scrub. You can buy uniforms from them that are emphasizing the driven fashion designs that are comfortable and stylish and they make sure ...
    Published: Thursday 26 June, 2008
    Nursing Scrub Tops: A New Way of Showing off Your Profession
    Nursing scrub tops is part of a medical uniform and as we all know, uniforms are a sign of discipline and dedication to what they do. Nursing scrub helps you to create and contribute a proper atmosphere in hospitals and in clinics. If your nursing sc...
    Published: Wednesday 25 June, 2008
    NFL Scrub Tops
    If you are working in medical industry or any healthcare clinics, you probably understand the importance of premium quality scrubs no matter if its tops or pants. Some time ago, scrubs were just available in plain colors and were usually white withou...
    Published: Wednesday 25 June, 2008
    The Outstanding Aspects of Menís Scrub Tops
    As a professional, you can actually discover a new wide range of professional working apparel such as menís scrub tops. There are also many reputable and reliable companies that provide you a great quality of menís scrub tops that will best suit you ...
    Published: Wednesday 25 June, 2008
    The Joy of Using Print Scrub Tops
    Majority of the people in the world do not find hospitals pleasing and enjoyable at all. There are some who do not like to be brought to a clinic even if they are sick. What is the reason behind this? Based on clinical studies, 80% of individuals who...
    Published: Tuesday 24 June, 2008
    WANTED: Petite Scrub Tops
    So you are petite, you get your clothes from kiddies line of clothing. However, you cannot find the scrubs that can make you look professional from the kiddiesí sizes. You may have found petite scrub pants to fit you, but you will not be as reputable...
    Published: Tuesday 24 June, 2008
    Help the your Children Patient Ease by Wearing Pediatric Scrub T
    The change that constantly occurs in all the aspects of our lives has taken over the field of medicine, which is for the improvement of the healthcare industry. The nurses and other medical staff of the hospital can tell you that having children unde...
    Published: Saturday 21 June, 2008
    Nursing tops to Add to your Scrub Apparels are Available in Sepa
    There are many known medical apparels for your needs, yet it will be your preference when choosing separate apparels or sets. Best scrub tops are designed to provide you with the quality and functions of the nursing tops that you need in the workplac...
    Published: Thursday 19 June, 2008
    Choose a Mock Wrap Scrub Tops to Add Style to your Career
    When you are looking for an appropriate work wear, you must first consider the profession you are involved in and the needs you have to work effectively in the field. For example, a person like you in the medical field will be in need of the medical ...
    Published: Thursday 19 June, 2008
    The Need for Menís Scrub Tops
    There has been a time when nursing career was preferred by females only. However, it has obviously changed since there are more men like you who are involved in nursing careers than women are. One reason for this is that you are physically stronger a...
    Published: Tuesday 17 June, 2008
    Animal Print Scrub Tops
    Scrubs are some of the most versatile clothes that are usable in everyday life. They are comfortable, and convenient, and adaptable to many different kinds of situations. Sadly though, most of us associate scrubs with only doctors, nurses, and other ...
    Published: Tuesday 20 May, 2008
    3 pocket scrub tops
    As every professional finds out at one point or another in their working life, pockets are one of the most essential features of any professional attire. After all there are a hundred and one things that one needs to carry around all day, and having ...
    Published: Tuesday 20 May, 2008
    Embroidered Scrub Tops
    When it comes to looking great in your workplace, you will find that your work wear is a big deciding factor. If your work wear is crisp and fresh, you are actually going to have a crisp and fresh attitude. If your work wear is old and worn out, well...
    Published: Monday 28 April, 2008
    Mock-Wrap Scrub Tops
    Fighting stains on those favorite garments is not always easy. While ink blots may be an interesting psychiatric idea, ink blots on your favorite working apparel is not something you want to experience. Generally, melted wax is perfect as it melts be...
    Published: Wednesday 23 April, 2008
    Cheap Scrub Tops or Pants
    Getting affordable prices is always a great gift for your budget and your lifestyle. When you are looking for cheap scrub tops or pants, you can rest assured that the designers are going to be more than willing to provide you with what you are lookin...
    Published: Wednesday 13 February, 2008
    Exploring the World of Tunics
    In the professional world, few pieces of garments are as useful or fashionable as tunics. These simple pieces of fabric are designed to look better, fit perfectly, and look awesome! When you demand more from your workday regardless of your profession...
    Published: Wednesday 30 January, 2008
    V-Neck Scrub Tops: Affordable and Attractive Designs
    Choosing your favorite medical apparel is not always an easy task. Not that it is difficult in terms of finding a great design, but if you are looking for a completely unique and personal look for your workday, you need something different. V-neck sc...
    Published: Thursday 24 January, 2008
    Los Angeles Rose Scrub Tops: Take Off with NASCAR!
    Los Angeles Rose scrub tops and pants have built a reputation on offering exceptional quality at cost effective prices. But what is meant by exceptional quality? Do you get cheap prices? Well, NASCAR has authorized LA Rose to produce the NASCAR scrub...
    Published: Wednesday 09 January, 2008
    Los Angeles Rose Scrub Tops: NASCAR Zooming Your Way!
    When you demand more from your everyday workplace experience, you may find you get all you expect and more when you choose Los Angeles Rose scrub tops. You will be getting the chance to choose, and more professionals are choosing NASCAR for their med...
    Published: Wednesday 09 January, 2008
    Los Angeles Rose Scrub Tops
    Choosing the appropriate work wear for yourself often starts with knowing what is good for your career. For instance, if you work within the medical or healthcare field, you most likely need appropriate medical scrubs, medical uniforms, lab coats, ja...
    Published: Sunday 30 December, 2007
    Dickies Menís Scrub Tops
    There are few things as exciting as choosing new work wear for your advancing career or profession. You expect the best out of your work wear so you do not have to continually ponder the performance of your work wear. Dickies menís scrub tops offer t...
    Published: Thursday 29 November, 2007
    Peaches Uniform Print Tops Ė Working Hard so You Do Not Have To
    You work in the medical or healthcare industry; you give your all to your patients and those you come into contact with. You demand the best, in return, from everything you depend on to allow you the capabilities to have a worry free working experien...
    Published: Monday 26 November, 2007
    Landau Unisex Collegiate Scrub Tops
    There are many professional men and women who enjoy a good game. When that game happens to be a college team, those professionals may enjoy showing a bit of team spirit by purchasing Landau unisex collegiate scrub tops. These tops come in a variety o...
    Published: Monday 26 November, 2007
    Urbane Scrub Tops and Tunics
    When you start looking at medical apparel designers such as Cherokee, Barco, Peaches, and Dickies, the name Urbane is right up there with the best of them. Urbane scrub tops and tunics are designed with exceptional quality and have a reputation for p...
    Published: Wednesday 21 November, 2007
    Urbane Scrub Tee Shirts: Professional Tee Shirts Never Looked So
    As a professional you expect everything around you to perform as perfectly as you do. Unfortunately, this may lead to many let downs and disappointments. With Urbane scrub tee shirts, you may be surprised at how you get more out of a simply piece of ...
    Published: Wednesday 21 November, 2007
    Scrub Zone Scrub Tops for a Cost Effective Solution
    Professional men and women working within the medical or healthcare industry often find it necessary to look trendy and classy while living on a budget. Even for those with a boundless budget, saving money just makes good, old fashioned commonsense. ...
    Published: Tuesday 20 November, 2007
    Peaches Uniforms Scrub Tops: Functionality Meets Gorgeous
    The beauty of work wear is never truly understood until you experience the excellence provided by Peaches work wear. No matter what you career choice or profession, there are Peaches work wear pieces or uniforms designed specifically with you in mind...
    Published: Saturday 17 November, 2007
    Landau Menís Scrub Tops
    As a professional, you may discover you need a wide array of professional work wear. There are many reliable and reputable companies wanting to provide you high quality work wear best suited for your profession or career. Cherokee, Barco, Urbane, Dic...
    Published: Friday 16 November, 2007
    Dickies Medical Womenís Tops
    As a woman, you have special needs when it comes to your scrubs or uniforms. If you have needs, Dickies wants to offer you the opportunity to get all those needs met with exceptional accuracy providing more than you first imagined. Dickies womenís to...
    Published: Wednesday 14 November, 2007
    Cherokee Womenís Scrub Tops
    When you are preparing yourself for work, you choose your medical apparel for the day with scrubs or uniforms being your main focus. Of course, jackets, lab coats, and medical shoes are an important part of your wardrobe as well, but the scrubs or un...
    Published: Wednesday 14 November, 2007
    Barco Work Force Tops: Bringing Style, Comfort, and Professional
    Purchasing professional apparel for the working man and/or woman can often be a tedious, confusing adventure with low quality construction and high prices. Not only medical or healthcare professionals are in need of high quality, affordable workplace...
    Published: Monday 12 November, 2007
    Barco Womens Scrub Tops for the Career Minded Woman
    As a career minded woman, you understand the importance of looking your best in and out of your workplace. In this dog eat dog world, finding any advantage will greatly increase your opportunities as well as your own self-esteem. Barco womens scrub t...
    Published: Monday 12 November, 2007
    Purchasing scrub tops with attitude
    If you happen to work within the medical industry or are a healthcare provider, you can understand the importance of high-quality scrub tops or scrub bottoms. Once upon a time, scrub tops or scrub bottoms were a plain color without any style at all....
    Published: Monday 29 October, 2007
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